Transfer Station Holiday Hours: Major Summer Holidays the Transfer Station will be closed on the Saturday before the Holiday and the Monday Holiday. 


The Transfer Station gate will be open to accept all household trash and garbage, shingles and other construction & demolition debris from residents and businesses of Woodson County only.

Woodson County has 2 yd, 4 yd and 6 yd dumpsters for sale. 
CALL 620-625-8625 ext. 5 FOR PRICES.


For residents with curbside pickup of trash: Please remember that trash must be accessible for workers. If you put your trash in an enclosed bin/container/cage, it must have a gate for easy access. Workers will not pick trash up over containers/cages. Also, be mindful of the weight of your trash cans. Overly heavy cans will not be dumped. If your container does not meet specifications, your trash will not be picked up until the next scheduled trash day, if conditions have changed.


If you are interested in renting a Roll Off container please call 625-625-8625 ext 5 to check availability and make payment arrangements. All rentals must be paid for before delivery and are rented for a 30 day period. 

Roll Off Container Rental 

SIZE PRICE SALES TAX Yates Center 9.5%  
    Toronto 8% & County 7.5%  
30YD HOUSE (Machine Loaded) $ 500.00

+ Sales Tax

30 YD HOUSE (Hand Loaded) $ 400.00 + Sales Tax  
20 YD $ 300.00 + Sales Tax  
6 YD (In Yates Center City Limits Only) $ 50.00 + Sales Tax  
6 YD additional load(In Yates Center City Limits Only) $ 15.00 + Sales Tax  




******* The Transfer Station does not accept Asbestos.  *******

******* Any items containing Asbestos will need to be    *******

******* taken to a facility equipped for the disposal of it. *******





Recycling Information

The following can be taken to the Woodson County Transfer Station for recycling:


Remove lids and rinse if containers have remaining food particles


Clean cardboard and brown paper grocery sacks will be accepted.


All clean and dry newspaper and the newsprint that comes in a Sunday newspaper will be accepted.


All clean and dry magazines, phone books, paperback books, and TV guides will be accepted.


Clean and dry school and office paper will be accepted. Clean and dry blue bar and green bar computer paper will be accepted. Shredded paper will be accepted, also Junk Mail and envelopes will be accepted.


Hard covered books are accepted


All types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals; galvanized sheet iron, bicycles, bed springs, etc. will be accepted as long as they are free of other material such as wood, cloth, sheetrock etc..


All appliances will be accepted. Freon-containing appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers need to be evacuated of freon before disposal.


Aluminum cans are accepted for recycling by the Lion's Club and they have a collection building at the transfer station.


Passenger Tires only are accepted for recycling or disposal. No tires with wheels will be accepted.