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County Clerk Job Description

The Kansas County Clerk and Election Official has many duties.  Though it would be impossible to list every job that every county clerk/election official does, a snapshot is available below.  


2021 Kansas Statutes 19-304. Duties of county clerk. The county clerk shall: (a) Keep the clerk's office at the county seat; (b) attend the sessions of the board of county commissioners, either in person or by deputy; (c) keep the seals, records and papers of the board of commissioners; (d) sign the records of the proceedings of the board of commissioners, and attest the same with the seal of the county; and (e) have the general powers of a notary public in the performance of all notarial acts. History: G.S. 1868, ch. 25, § 43; R.S. 1923, § 19-304; L. 1998, ch. 81, § 1; July 1.

  • Records and maintains official minutes of meetings
  • Attests the signatures of the County Commissioners on documents



  • Responsible for office budget(s)
  • Keeps all financial reports of the County and other entities
  • Assists smaller taxing entities with budget preparation annually


  • Calculates July and November abstracts of valuation and taxation
  • Prepares the tax roll in preparation of printing tax statements
  • Sets and certifies levies annually
  • Motor Vehicle Abstract Certification annually  

Payroll/Human Resources (duties may vary by county)

  • Administers Payroll for all County employees
  • Reports and pays all employment taxes and insurance premiums
  • Issues W-2s for County employees

Voter Registration/Election (Chapter 25 of Kansas Statutes)

  • Is responsible for all aspects of election:  ballots, polling sites and equipment in accordance with federal, state and local laws and regulations
  • Maintains records of elections in official abstract  


  • Sells moving permits, cereal malt beverage licenses and firework permits
  • Maintains fixed asset inventory for the County
  • Assists taxpayers annually with Homestead and Food Sales Tax refunds
  • Freedom of Information Officer for the County (in most counties)
  • Notary Public for State of Kansas to conduct notarizations
  • Administers Oaths of Office and Swears-in Sheriff's Deputies
  • Sells Wildlife and Parks Hunting and Fishing licenses