Informational Page for Sales Tax Question on November 3, 2020 Ballot


 Fair Tax


res 20 13 – Passed August 25, 2020 - Authorizing Submission of Question of Continuation of One

                              Percent Countywide Retailer Sales Tax to Qualified Electors




On November 3rd the voters of Woodson County will be asked to vote on a Special Question pertaining to Sales Tax. Since 2005 the County has had a 1% Sales Tax in place to help our citizens with Property Tax Relief. Woodson County receives a portion of 1% on every dollar of taxable sales in the county; the Cities in our County receive the other portion based on population as well as assessed valuation in each City.

In 2019, $198,556.13 was received by the County for sales tax collected on eligible sales in our County. This Sales Tax expired on September 30, 2020. Since this tax has expired the Taxpayers of Woodson County will have to carry the extra burden of almost $200,000.00 a year on their property taxes, while the taxpayers that live in the two cities in our County will see a further increase in their property taxes to account for the revenue lost by those Cities. 

The Taxpayers of Woodson County need to be informed of which taxes they are paying and how the loss of one of these revenues will affect other taxes that they pay.


Taxes billed by Woodson County include:

Real Estate Taxes are paid by all landowners of property in Woodson County.

Personal Property Taxes are paid to Woodson County by anyone owning boats, oil & gas leases, heavy trucks, trailers, etc.

Motor Vehicle Taxes are paid by anyone who registers a vehicle in Woodson County.

Commercial Vehicle Fees are paid by anyone who registers a Intrastate vehicle for operation in Kansas with a base in Woodson County.

Sales tax on any purchase of retail goods sold or delivered to Woodson County.





Sales Tax is the “fairest tax” that our Taxpayers pay since this tax is shared by everyone that purchases items in our county and not just our citizens and taxpayers.


The person traveling through our community that purchases snacks at a gas station is contributing to our tax base. Persons that rent their home from a property owner do not pay any Real Estate Taxes themselves but they make purchases at the grocery store or Dollar General and by paying Sales Tax on those purchases they contribute to our tax base even though they do not pay any Real Estate Taxes.


Renewing the 1% Sales Tax is not raising the Sales Tax in our County; it is keeping our rate the same as it has been since 2005 and allowing property owners to keep their property taxes from rising to cover the shortfall created by this expired tax.

Please vote “YES” on November 3rd to keep this revenue coming into our Cities and County.